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Once a month, we send a short UP Lesson email that tells the story of a family trying to upgrade themselves.

The emails serve as a free, case-based mini-course on how you can set, plan, and achieve your life goals. Every email is meant to provide you an insight or tool you can immediately use in your own life. No matter how busy you are, we encourage you to take some action to improve your life with every email. Your future self will thank you.

The content is drawn from our extremely curated database of 50+ principles, 500+ concepts, and 1,700+ tools that we've cataloged over the past 20+ years of studying and teaching self-development. 

Happy upgrading!

Note: We aim to be boringly useful. We won't try to hijack your attention with clickbaity text or multimedia. If you're finding these emails distracting, please (a) unsubscribe or (b) add a filter that automatically redirects them from your primary inbox to a secondary inbox to check when and if it's appropriate for you.
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